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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My Sassy Girlfriend

Every man has his girlfriend.
I have one too.

But my girlfriend is more redoubtable than any others.
I wake up before 6am every day, and then prepare breakfast for her.
I should awake her from her sleep, but I must be extra careful not to break her sweet dream.

After she eats her full and is ready to go, convoying her to the bus stop is another task I should do.
She always wants me to elocute some romantic and sweet poems before I leave.....
and in addition, I have to chase the bus which she boards on for about 15 minutes.
Then, after all those things have been done, it's time for me to go back home and take my brief case.

Well, now you know how sassy my girlfriend is?
You'll say I'm useless?
No! I'm a real man.

If my girlfriend and I are walking on the street and at that time some crazy dogs come to us, what should I do?
Of course, I will protect my girlfriend.

And I'm also a gentleman,....
I never stare at another woman for more than 3 seconds.......including old ladies.
I never smoke and drink.
I never play with bad guys.
I'm just like a moving fossil in this modern century.

Why? Why? Why do I have such a girlfriend?
Why other girls obey their boyfriend so much........but I have to obey my girlfriend?
These questions have been asked by my friends for many times.
I never have the answers. I just don't wanna think about them.

My girlfriend always asks me the most difficult question in the world.
For example:
+ "Why won't you take your socks off when you're back home?"
- "I'm now taking my shoes off, honey."
+ "What?! I told you many times to take your socks off, but you told me you're now taking your shoes off!"
- "I'm now taking my shoes off."
+ "No way! Take your socks off!"
So I became the first man on planet earth to take my socks off before my shoes.

I should report to my girlfriend what I will take for meals, then do the grace.
She can find me whenever she wants.
If she has some troubles, I must deal with them in a hurry...............no matter how busy I am and how angry my colleagues are.

When she's back home, I have to hurry to the door and welcome her warmly.
In the evening, I have to accompany her watching her favourite drama series.
If she cries, I must cry my eyes out.
If she smiles, I must laugh.
When she's off to bed, I must sing songs for her to bring her to sweet dream.

Every day......I take care of my girlfriend in such a kind way.
Well, a normal man wouldn't be able to bear with this kind of life.
Shouting at me is useless, I'm already so used to it.

Why I wake up so early and prepare breakfast for her?
Because she lets me realise my mum's hardwork every morning, so I will love my mum and my kids' mum much more.

Why I convey her to the bus stop?
Because she'd like to take one more sight of me before she's off to work.

Why I fight the crazy dogs?
Because she needs my bravery so much.

Why can't I take one sight of other women?
Because she's afraid of losing me.

Why can't I smoke and drink like what every other man in the world can enjoy?
Why I should report to my girlfriend before my every meal?
Because she's simply concern with my health.

Why she needs me at anytime?
Because she cares me so much.

Why do I have to do all my best to give her a hand?
Because she just wants me to help her.

Why should I receive her when she's back home?
Because I'm the first one she wants to see after work.

Why I laugh and cry with her?
Because she likes me to know her heart and her feeling well.

Why I sing the song to bring her into her dream?
Because she's too afraid of losing me in her dream.

I will take care of my girlfriend..................and love her without any reasons.
Lovers should just love each others.

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