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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Thru the minutes and Hours of time

Thru the minutes and hours of time
I let the dire take over, what was mine
My thoughts and feelings became unruly
I just wanted to hear, I love you truly
Life had become just a way to live
Learning from others to take and not give
I forgot how to care, understand and listen
For in my heart, real love was missin
Then from her voice the words did say
Hey you over there, you’re going the wrong way
You have taken the path more travelled and worn
The path were hearts get battered and torn
If you can listen and try to understand
I will show you we can walk, hand in hand
See showed me what true love was all about
She loved me for real without a doubt
I was over taken with what she had to impart
Leaving her behind with a wounded and broken heart
Now i don’t have her, for she has closed her door
My heart bleeds with emptiness upon the floor
I have re-realized what love is all about
To understand and care, without a shout
To first think of others feelings and concern
To hear their hearts and needs they yearn
For if she ever lets me back in her heart
I swear before god I wont tear it a part

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