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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

If This Is A Dream Let Me Sleep Forever!

Hi first off I want to say to all those who do not believe on-line love is real listen to my story and you will see it CAN and HAS happened. Ok here goes.....

About 4 months ago I was chatting with this one guy in and IM (Instant Message) Anyway, this guy asked me about my profile which under marital status said: Taking Applications. This guy asked me for an application so I thought hey why not. I told him to hold on and I went to my e-mail and made an application to date me.

Questions like... Age... ideal date... first thing you see in a woman...etc. Well I was also in an IM with this guy Dee and since I was sending out the application I jokingly asked him if he would like one... remember this is the first time I had ever spoke to this person, Dee.

Anyway, I sent him one and Oh Man he sounded SO perfect that I questioned his honesty. He was being honest! I jokingly told him he got the job! We laughed it off and didn't think anything of it. We remained friends for about a month, and over that month our feelings grew for each other.

One day on the phone he called me his girl and that was all it took to make it official. About a week after that my uncle was killed and Dee got me through it with lots of love and support. We have had our problems, don't get me wrong, but we have worked out our problems and are moving on to have a better future with each other.

We live about 2,000 miles away from each other but that hasn't stopped our love yet. He was supposed to move closer to me, same state just different town but he couldn't leave his family. I think that is kind of cute! (I don’t mind leaving mine though!)

But I couldn’t stand one more day thinking I would never see the man I love with all my heart. So we arranged for me to go see him, I leave tomorrow actually! I am SSSSOOOOOO excited!!! He has been here for me for so much and has shown me so much love, given me so much joy. I have so much respect for him, for all he is and all he has made himself be, and all he wants to become.

The thought of him makes me smile. He walks in my dreams and I awake with a smile warming my face. I never thought I could find love online, or that I could have a man so wonderful. Neither of us were looking for love just a friend, but our feelings grew and we fell in love. I know you must be careful with online people but I trust him so much and I know we can make it.

If things go well on my visit and he also thinks so, we plan on having me move to his state and living with him. I would go half way across the world for this man so halfway across the country is nothing to me. I am happier than I have ever been, so if anyone has doubts about online loves all I can say is...they don't work for everyone but they also bring a lot of true loves together...it worked for Dee and I.

Our 3 month anniversary is in 4 days...I know 3 months doesn’t seem long to many people but for me this has been the best 3 months of my life, and it seems like it was yesterday that my heart told me he is the one! If you think you might have feelings for somebody online, go for it but take it slow, but don’t listen to me...listen to your heart!

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