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Monday, August 27, 2007

! Mr.Romance Recommendation: NTN Host LLP !

Greeting Readers,

Today, Mr.Romance wish to bring across a Good Hosting Provider!, to share with my readers.

As i believed that lots of the bloggers, or i should said personal whom already go into "e-World", like building Personal Domain Blog, Personal Home Page, E-Commerce, etc.

As such, i feel more like sharing with you one of the Cheap Hosting Company which i experience with.

NTN Host, they are Registered Company in the Republic of Singapore.



"NTN Premium Plan"
  • 100GB (100,000MB) Web Space
  • 500GB (500,000MB) Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Domain Hosting
  • Unlimited Sub-Domain
  • Unlimited Email
  • Unlimited MyQSL Database
  • Unlimited FTP

Support: http://www.ntnhost.net/support
Email: support@ntnhost.net

Price: US4.99/Monthly ; SG$7.50/ Monthly

Their server is powered by "8x Intel Xeon, with 16GB Fully Buffed RAM".

And i have 3 site hosted with them, and it show me how powerful and excellent their service was.

So, my dear readers, if you thinking of getting a hosting service, this might be able to be in your considering list.

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