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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Romantic Stories Collection: True Soulmates In The Making

I didn't believe in finding love online. I thought it was full of perverts, rapists, etc. One day, I was in a chat room, just bored out of my mind, because I was visiting my brother in Seattle and he was currently at work. So, I just basically put "Anyone wanna chat?" Little did I know that the man of my dreams would IM me.

I was in a relationship at the time. It wasn't a very good one, though. My ex-boyfriend, Mike, whom I was dating then, was constantly getting jealous of my guy friends and he was very insecure about my love for him. I have to be honest, I did love him. I still do, kinda. But he brought the relationship to an end, not me. He pushed me directly into Chris, my new boyfriend and my best friend's arms.

We just started talking about stupid stuff. And I asked if I could put him on my buddylist. He said yes and placed me on his. After talking online to each other every day for about a week or so, he asked me if we could talk on the phone. I, of course, was scared. The main reason being that I really didn't know him and he could have been a pervert or someone just looking for a good time.

And he also lived in Florida, which was a slight problem. I had a couple phone cards to use so I wouldn't rack up my brother's phone bill. When I dialed all the numbers, I was extremely nervous. Afraid of what he would sound like. To be truthful, I thought he might have been some 50 year old, over weight, balding man who just wanted a younger girl to talk to. We talked for five hours that night, and I'm very shy when it comes to talking on the phone for the first time or meeting a person for the first time. So, it was just basically him making me laugh.

He also had his eyes set on someone. But, later on, she had decided to go with someone else and she told him that she didn't feel the same way he did. I was having problems with Mike, and Chris helped me through it, reassuring me everything would be alright. Later on, I found out that he was jealous of Mike, because one night, I IMed Chris with Mike's screen name.

And now, we have been talking for about four months or so online and on the phone. I am planning to visit him in the near future and, eventually, move to Florida to live with him. And marriage is going to be a part of the picture. Not right away, but in time. I love him with my heart and soul. I would do anything for him. And I know he feels the same. Now, some may call us crazy and say that love can't happen over long distances. But I truly think that we're soul mates in the making.

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