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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Holiday? Cheap Hotel For You!

Greeting All,

Thinking of relaxing yourself by treating yourself with a wonderful holiday trip?

Today Mr.Romance wish to introduce some good holiday location PLUS CHEAP HOTEL GUIDE FOR YOU!

1. Amsterdam @ Netherlands
From Amsterdam coffee shops to all of the great museums and other fun things to do in the city, travel to Amsterdam is only growing in popularity. Once you’ve booked a flight to Amsterdam and are ready to travel to Amsterdam, get ready to be wowed by this incredible city.
The long history of Amsterdam has resulted in a city that is today one of the most beautiful, welcoming and relaxed in the world.

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2. Athens @ Greece
For most visitors the highlight of a visit to ATHENS (Athína in modern Greek) is the stunning vestiges of the ancient, Classical Greek city, most famously represented by the Acropolis and its surrounding archeological sites. Even on a brief visit, however, it is a shame to see Athens purely as the location of ancient sites and museums. Although the neighbourhoods may lack the style and monuments of most European capitals, they are worth at least some exploration.

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3. Greece
At the ancient site of Delphi, where the Greeks once consulted the Oracle about the future, there's a small round sculpture. It's known as the omphalos -- the cosmic belly button. The Greeks believed that Delphi was the very center of the world -- the place where everything came into being. Indeed, many aspects of Western culture came into being in Greece -- drama, art, philosophy and science.

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Hope you all enjoy the above mentioned holiday tips! And hereby wishing all a Happy New Year Holiday!

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