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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Read before dating a MAN!

To all ladies worldwide, check out this new site http://www.WomanSavers.com. It's the world's largest database rating men targeting abusive and cheating men. There are tens of thousands of men's names entered by women to promote safer dating worldwide. It's women networking together to share their stories and experiences to bring the good guys to the top and the bad to the bottom.WomanSavers has tons of free resources for women and donates a percentage of their proceeds to abused women and children's charities. Over 300,000 women have been polled on infidelity, sex, relationship and dating topics. http://www.womansavers.com/relationship-polls.asp

Website highlights include:
*In the top 15% most popular women's websites in the world
* #1 most popular abused women's forum on the net
* Free medical advice from a volunteer doctor
* Free psychotherapy advice from a psychotherapist specializing in sociopaths and narcissists
* Free custom women's cartoon comedies and women's games
* Free tarot card readings

It's always good to have some preparation before you put yourself into any dating, SCREEN YOUR DATING by visiting on top mentioned web for more informations!

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